Woodworking Skills

Thinking about future woodworking programs, it occurs to me that we can all benefit from seeing woodworking skills demonstrated and a demo that makes sawdust might make a great program or part of a great program.  Do you have a woodworking skill that you can share?  Or, is there a skill that you would like a member to demonstrate?  If so, please email your ideas to me at douglas.kish@gmail.com.



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Klingspor Abrasives Handout


If you missed the June program at Klingspor in Fletcher, all is not lost.  John Hallimore has shared Mike Ziegler’s handout from the demonstration.

Click on the following link to download the handout:

Abrasives A to Z V4.1 MZ

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CFWC Meeting Today 1:00pm

Going to Klingspor to learn about sandpaper and finishes.
Carpooling from Clubhouse at 1pm.
After we see the new Trusses hanging over the bar.

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Kayak builder giving talk at the Atagahi Park Pavilion.

On behalf of the Fishing Club I want to extend an invitation to the members of the Connestee Falls Woodcrafter Club to stop by our meeting this Thursday morning (June 21st). We have a program slated for 10:00 am(about one hour) that may be of interest to the CFWC. Specifically, Chad Quinn, owner of Bear Traditional Kayaks in Brevard, will be joining us to talk about his craft of making hand-crafted, traditional kayaks and paddles.

Chad is an enthusiastic speaker who will share insights on how these kayaks were originally made by the native people of Greenland and the Aleutian Islands … and how he crafts traditional kayaks today. I think the Woodcrafters would enjoying Chad’s commentary and posing a few questions.

Apologies for the late notice, but if you could pass this song to your membership that would be great.


Jim Bailey 989-948-6757

Vice President – Connestee Falls Fishing Club

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Fishing Club Program – Thursday, June 21st


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CFWC Metting Thursday 1 pm at Clubhouse

We will meet for a few minutes and see the new trusses. Then carpool to

Klingspor as a group. Class at Klingspor is at 2:30pm.

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Thursday June 21st CFWC Meeting 1PM

We are going to Klingspor!!! THURSDAY Don’t come Wednesday.
Mike is the Marketing/Technical Specialist with Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop.
Mike will present sandpaper and it’s best use per application, what the different types are and how to simply achieve the smooth surface for finishing. Mike has been in the wood shop since his dad figured out he could hold sandpaper. With having many years working with his dad in fine furniture, reproduction and custom cabinetry, Mike found his calling in the finishing room. If you have finishing issues, sanded pieces or would like to ask Mike questions about your project, join us at Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop of Asheville July, 21st at Noon. Meeting starts at 2:30pm

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Harvest Table project for the clubhouse


Nancy Roberts has asked our club to build ten “harvest tables” for the clubhouse. Dimensions would be 96″ long by 40 to 48″ wide, 30″ tall.  While she made clear that the mountain laurel truss project takes precedence, she would like to have the tables for an event in July.

The tables would be similar to the ones she rented for the Italian wine dinner last month and would, of course, allow Food and Beverage to avoid rental fees for tables in the future. Please see the attached “tapered legs.pdf” for the general look of the table she has in mind.

These tables would be used without table cloths. Wood grain, tight knots and even saw marks would be desirable, as long as the tops are flat enough to be stemware-friendly. Cost, of course, is a consideration.

Tables should break down for compact storage. I am inclined to go with removable legs, rather than folding legs for two reasons. 1) Nancy wants a harvest table look. 2) Hardware for folding tables tends to be expensive and may not hold up over the years. I would appreciate your input on this subject.

I envision using steel corner brackets along the lines of the one pictured below. I suggest we use pocket screws and glue to attach the skirts to the table top. I also envision using two rails inboard of the short skirt boards to stiffen the top and stabilize the long skirt boards. They would be spaced far enough apart to allow the legs to be stored between them when the tables are broken down.

I welcome a volunteer to draft a bill of materials. Then, Nancy could go to the general manager to discuss funding.

I welcome your input on all aspects of the project.

Doug Kish

tapered legs.pdf

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Wednesday 16th Sharpening Event

2nd reminder to everyone. We need everyone’s help!!

If you are around on Wednesday, we are starting at 8:30 am

but we need help anytime during the day. We will train first

timers. There is also side jobs. Come early or come late, any

time you can spare will help.

Thank you


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Sharpening Event

The club will hold our annual sharpening event for the community on Wednesday, May 16 from 9am till 3pm in the Atagahi Park Pavilion.

Members are encouraged to help set up beginning at 8am in the pavilion. Clean up will take place at closing time.

This is our only fund raiser and the only sharpening event planned for this year.

We will sharpen garden tools, scissors, kitchen knives and chain saws (chains off bar, only), but not circular or hand saws or plane blades.

Those wishing to learn the various sharpening skills should just ask a more experienced member throughout the day.

Call Bill Bullivant (393-4375) or Doug Kish (884-9926) for more information.

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