Harvest Table project for the clubhouse


Nancy Roberts has asked our club to build ten “harvest tables” for the clubhouse. Dimensions would be 96″ long by 40 to 48″ wide, 30″ tall.  While she made clear that the mountain laurel truss project takes precedence, she would like to have the tables for an event in July.

The tables would be similar to the ones she rented for the Italian wine dinner last month and would, of course, allow Food and Beverage to avoid rental fees for tables in the future. Please see the attached “tapered legs.pdf” for the general look of the table she has in mind.

These tables would be used without table cloths. Wood grain, tight knots and even saw marks would be desirable, as long as the tops are flat enough to be stemware-friendly. Cost, of course, is a consideration.

Tables should break down for compact storage. I am inclined to go with removable legs, rather than folding legs for two reasons. 1) Nancy wants a harvest table look. 2) Hardware for folding tables tends to be expensive and may not hold up over the years. I would appreciate your input on this subject.

I envision using steel corner brackets along the lines of the one pictured below. I suggest we use pocket screws and glue to attach the skirts to the table top. I also envision using two rails inboard of the short skirt boards to stiffen the top and stabilize the long skirt boards. They would be spaced far enough apart to allow the legs to be stored between them when the tables are broken down.

I welcome a volunteer to draft a bill of materials. Then, Nancy could go to the general manager to discuss funding.

I welcome your input on all aspects of the project.

Doug Kish

tapered legs.pdf

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Wednesday 16th Sharpening Event

2nd reminder to everyone. We need everyone’s help!!

If you are around on Wednesday, we are starting at 8:30 am

but we need help anytime during the day. We will train first

timers. There is also side jobs. Come early or come late, any

time you can spare will help.

Thank you


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Sharpening Event

The club will hold our annual sharpening event for the community on Wednesday, May 16 from 9am till 3pm in the Atagahi Park Pavilion.

Members are encouraged to help set up beginning at 8am in the pavilion. Clean up will take place at closing time.

This is our only fund raiser and the only sharpening event planned for this year.

We will sharpen garden tools, scissors, kitchen knives and chain saws (chains off bar, only), but not circular or hand saws or plane blades.

Those wishing to learn the various sharpening skills should just ask a more experienced member throughout the day.

Call Bill Bullivant (393-4375) or Doug Kish (884-9926) for more information.

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Woodworking Teacher?

Camp Illahee Summer Camp for Girls is looking for someone to teach woodworking part time in the mornings. If you are interested, please call me.

Doug Kish
828 577-0454

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Sharpening Clinic

Our club plans to hold its annual sharpening event for the Connestee Falls community on Wednesday, May 16. This is our big fund raising event for 2018.

We’ve discussed having a training clinic the Saturday (5/12) before the event for those interested in learning the skills needed to sharpen the following items:

Kitchen knives
Chain saw chains
Hand pruners
Axes, hoes, shovels
(Let me know if I’ve missed something.)

If you are interested in being a teacher or student, please respond by emailing me at douglas.kish(at)gmail.com. (Our website drops the "at" sign.)

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Meeting tomorrow Wednesday 04/18/18 1PM Club House


Change of plans, Doug Kish hurt his back and is out of commission.

We are changing the the program, to discuss the truss build for the

Club House. The first one is built so we have a hands on example.

We will set up work days and project assignments.

Pres. Scott

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Location for Wednesday’s Meeting

I have arranged

with Nancy Roberts, clubhouse director, for us to meet in a quiet area of the construction zone for our business meeting on Wednesday.

Please enter through the Cherokee Room. Due to the clubhouse renovation, the best place to park is the golf parking lot.

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Wednesday April 18th 1 PM Meeting

Woodcrafters will meet Wednesday, April 18 at 1:00 for our regular business meeting. The location is subject to change due to clubhouse construction. So, subscribe too our website www.cfwc.wordpress.com for updates. (Scroll to the bottom and key in your email address.) After our meeting, we will visit Doug Kish’s shop in Connestee. Doug will demonstrate table saw tuneup, safety and essential jigs.

I will keep you updated if the location changes

Scott Kuba

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Volunteers Needed for Clubhouse Project

Last week, Bob Speight and I met with the designer on the Clubhouse renovation project, Sharon Jenkins, Tom Reinke and Spencer Brown regarding design details for the decorative trusses with mountain laurel detail that will hang over the bar in the Blue Ridge Lounge and support lighting for the bar area.

Bob has put a number of additional hours producing detained drawings for the project, which our club has agreed to take on. As a result, I have a material list for dimensional lumber we can get from Lowe’s.

Here’s the material list. It can all fit on my trailer.

2 2x6x12′
2 2x6x10′
5 2x6x8′
1 1x6x10′
1 2x4x10′
1 2x4x12′

The designer would like us to produce a mock-up as soon as possible. Bob has suggested building 1/2 of one of the trusses. That way, if all goes well, the mock-up can be used as part of the project.

I have several projects under way in my shop, not the least of which is preparing to present month’s program. I would like someone else to host the building of the mock-up.

I’d also like to have two volunteers to help me pick up the lumber at Lowe’s on Monday or Tuesday afternoon. I’m in physical therapy for a low back issue, so I have to be careful with lifting anything heavy.

I’d like to assemble a crew later this week to review the plans and cut the lumber to length, then proceed with gathering the mountain laurel and assembling the mock-up.

I am available this week beginning at the hours shown:

Monday, 4/2 3:00 pm
Tuesday, 4/3 3:00 pm
Wednesday, 4/4 3:00 pm
Thursday, 4/5 1:00 pm
Friday, 4/6 9:00 am

Please let me know if you are

  1. Willing to host cutting and assembly
  2. Available Monday or Tuesday afternoon for the lumber run to Lowe’s
  3. Available later in the week to cut mountain laurel from a stack on my property or to help with cutting and assembly


Doug Kish
VP/Program Chair

You can reach me by email: douglas.kish(at)gmail.com or by phone: 828 577-0454.

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Today’s Meeting

As you may know, the clubhouse is in some disarray due to the remodeling project.

Thereforer, today’s meeting will be in the Cherokee Room, not the Blue Ridge Lounge.

Doug Kish
VP/Program Chair

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