Woodcrafters are back in business!

Woodcrafters will meet on Friday, May 21 at 1:00 in the pavilion at Atagahi Park for our first business meeting in over a year. The main agenda item will be choosing a project for the Connestee Student Scholarship Program’s silent auction. Visitors and prospective members are welcome.

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Complete Wood Shop For Sale

For Sale: Complete woodworking shop.  All tools, jigs, accessories and supplies, workbenches, hardwood inventory.  Located in Hendersonville, NC

Major Tools:

10” Rockwell/Delta Unisaw with Excalibur Fence

8” Jet Jointer/stand

12” parks Planer/stand

14” Rockwell/Delta bandsaw/stand

6” Craftsman belt sander/stand

10” Ryobi sliding compound miter saw/cutting table

Rockwell Radial Drill Press/stand

Floor standing drill press

Jet benchtop mortising machine

Metal cutting band saw

Under-table mounted Router

Grizzly oscillating spindle sander/stand

Sprunger 10” wood turning lathe/stand

Delta 10” wet grinder

Oneida cyclone dust collector w/tubing, blast gates…

Complete assortment of hand power tools, clamps, tool cabinet with full assortment of hand tools.

Cabinet makers’ workbench 6’x3’ 2 built in vises

2 large workbenches, solid core door tops with vise, grinder

1 30’x 60” rollabout workbench

1 4’x6’ layout/assembly table – torsion box design on stand

Vacuum veneer press – bag, platen, pump

Wood rack and assortment of quality hardwoods

Small storage cabinets for power tools  —  and much more

This is a basement shop divided into 2 rooms, machinery and ‘clean room’.  Outside access to patio to move items out.

Asking price:  $15,000.  Buyer must pick up.  No shipping.

House is for sale with the shop – much better deal since everything is already set up.  If this is of interest, inquire further.  House not for sale without shop.

Rich DeSimone


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Trail Project

I recently joined Kevin and Julie Sanders as Trail Stewards of the Equestrian Trail. One of our projects is to update the signs along the trail. We are in the early stages of checking various options and wonder if any members of the Woodworking Club are interested in making signs, if this is a community service or if there is a charge, etc. We’re just gathering information at this point. I’m sending photos of some of the existing signs. We could label them ourselves.
Thanks for any information or guidance you might offer.

Lynn Luna Wilson

Talk to Bob Speight about the project 828-884-6864

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Building Birdhouses for Connestee Falls Community

Bob is looking for some help building birdhouses at his house for Connestee
Falls. There are 57 now and about 20 need to be replaced.

Message from Bob:

I have a "standard" bluebird house design that I can adapt to their needs and can order material from Jennings to be delivered here. I can provide outside work space on my lower deck and supervise a team to do the work. Work would probably take 2-3 days.

I would like to have a team of 2-3 people to actually do the work. Do you think that we can get some volunteers? Send out an alert and see who we might find. Since the birds will be nesting soon, scheduling is going to be tight.

If you can help call Bob 828-577-2387

Bob Speight

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Wood Lathe For Sale

John Held is selling his lathe and router table.  He offers the following items to members:  

Delta model 46-460 lathe

Custom lathe stand

8” bench Grinder 

Gouge stand

18 Gouges Router table 

Pricing is negotiable.  If you are interested, please contact John at (828) 577-2006

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Scholarship project

I’m sending this to everyone I can think of. Scott, please forward to anyone I missed.

Thru the efforts of John H , Jennings has contributed more than enough cedar for two chairs and it has finally been delivered to my shop. It’s very good lumber but does have to be planed. I have already planed enough to make one each of the four major parts which I have just completed. They are the templates for their duplicates.

To make the chair a little unique, we decided to have a little snack and drink tray attached to one arm. Bob made a really cool prototype of a system that allows the tray to swing down vertically when not in use and can be easily swung up and held in the horizontal position . He will be able to adapt the system to the chair.

Jennings supplied some of the hardware and some finish that I’m not sure about (Cabot’s Australian Outdoor Oil”. ). The General Finish Oil we used last year was great. But if anyone has used the Cabot Oil, pls speak up. When we get ready to do the finish, maybe someone in the group is good at that? ( right Scott?).

Heidi is thinking about adding something artistic like last year and has suggested doing a bear with wood burning tools. Everyone approached about this loves it.

Heidi, let me know if it’s still necessary to tighten the gaps between the back slats to make your work look right. If so I’ll try to mock up tapered slats to see how it looks. I’ll have to rig something up so you can work on the slats in their appropriate positions before actually assembling the chairs.

So, it’s time to get to work! I’m not sure who can do what. Bob is, of course, available in his shop. Not sure who else might do some of the work in their own shop. With social distancing it’s not easy to work in a group. Pls let me know your thoughts about how we can work together.

Tom Hills

885 5543

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sharpening event

Diane wanted to know if we are going to run the sharpening event.
This is our major fundraiser for the club. Outdoors and could be set
up with social distancing. Maybe in July or August if we can get the
pavilion. Who may be in;terested in helping???
Scott Kuba (text me 828-505-6355) or Diane text 301-461-9249

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Walnut Available

Hi Everyone,
Nancy Roberts(director of the Food and Beverage at the clubhouse) had a huge walnut tree come down in her yard, and asked me to let the woodcrafters know that she is available on Tuesdays or Sundays if anyone wants to take any of it off her hands. The wood is in logs (raw material) that could be used in live edge or wood turning projects once milled. There is one log that is 5 ft long she says. If anyone is interested, we are to contact her by text(don’t call) 407-312-0757 and identify yourself that you are in the Woodcrafters Club or Email (may not print through the web post) nroberts.
Diane had me post this after she talked to Nancy.

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CFWC Meetings

Hopefully everyone is staying home and staying healthy.
Let us know if anyone needs any help, we are a team and
everyone needs to work together. That is what friendship is about.

So far the Clubhouse is still closed so we are still on hold. Several of us have
talked and approved the build of the new bench for the fall fundraiser.
Anyone interested, talk with Bob 883-8010.
Hopefully things will open up, so for now, stay safe.
Scott Kuba

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